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Publish your research open access

When submitting research for publication, researchers have to identify trusted journals. At the same time all Lund University researchers, including doctoral students, have a special responsibility to publish open access. The Library of Science can guide you in choosing a journal, what you need to think about before publishing, and Lund University’s financial support for open access fees.

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Funding for publication fees

Lund University’s policy is that all research should as far as possible be published open access. Lund University Libraries have agreements with several publishers to enable doctoral students and researchers of Lund University to publish open access without incurring additional fees.

Search and find journals in the university open access fees agreement –

Lund University open access fees agreements –

Financial support publishing in a journal

Doctoral students and researchers who publish open access in journals that meet the university’s quality requirements can apply to the Lund University APC Fund for financial assistance paying the publication fees.

How to identify a trusted open access journal –

Lund University financial support for open access publishing –

For articles published via publishing agreements as well as articles that receive support via the publication fund, author fees/APC are fully covered via the University Library and the Faculty of Science. Any additional costs for pages and colour images are not covered, and must therefore be paid for by the individual researcher.

Financial support from the book fund

Doctoral students and researchers who publish open access in edited volumes or as monographs that meet the university’s quality requirements may apply to the Lund University book fund for financial assistance paying the publication fees.

Financial support from the Lund University book fund –

Distribution rights (licences and copyright)

There are different levels of open access, which determine what end users can do with the publication. The basic level means it can be read online free of charge. Conditions for copying, sharing, and reuse are often specified in a Creative Commons licence (CC licence).

About Creative Commons licences –

Journals and publishers often have their own policies on copyright and parallel publishing. Use the Sherpa Romeo database to find out what applies in each case or check the journal’s or publisher’s website. The Library of Science is ready to help you if you are uncertain.

Search and find journal open access policies in Sherpa Romeo database

Unique identifiers ORCID, DOI, ISBN, and ISSN

Persistent identifiers (PID) are used to identify individual researchers and research output online.


ORCID is the international register of researchers. In order to create an account in Prisma, the joint application system for Forte, Formas, and the Swedish Research Council, you will need an ORCHID ID.

You can link your ORCID ID to your profile in the Lund University research database LUCRIS, which will automatically keep your ORCID ID updated.

Register for an ORCHID ID –

How to link your ORCID ID and LUCRIS –

DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

A DOI is a persistent identifier used on digital networks, including digital material such as research articles and datasets. The International DOI Foundation (IDF) is the registration authority for DOIs.

Search and find DOIs –

ISBN (International Standard Book Number)

An ISBN is an internationally recognised unique identifier for a book or book-like publication.

ISSN (International Standard Serial Number)

An ISSN is an internationally recognised unique identifier for a journal or other serial. An ISSN is a persistent identifier that provides an online link to the individual or item even if the author changes their name or the journal changes platform.

Search and find ISSNs in the global series directory Ulrichsweb


Britta Smångs
britta [dot] smangs [at] science [dot] lu [dot] se

Cajsa Andersson
cajsa [dot] andersson [at] science [dot] lu [dot] se

Publish a journal open access

If you are the editor of an academic journal, you can publish it open access using the Open Journals at Lund University platform OJLU, provided by the University Library.

How to publish a journal using OJLU –

Contact Frida Rosengren (frida [dot] rosengren [at] science [dot] lu [dot] se) if you have any questions.