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Requirements for open research data and data management plans

Research funders, publishers, journals, and others expect researchers to publish their research data open access. Many research funders also require grantholders to have data management plans.

Publishers’ and journals’ requirements

Most scientific journals and publishers recommend or require that the research data used in a publication are openly available. Some also have specific requirements for which database or databases to use.

Research funders’ requirements

There is a growing expectation among research funders that data should be openly available. Research funders require not only open research data, but also a plan for data management for the duration of the research project and beyond.

As of 2019 the Swedish Research Council and Formas require all research grantholders to have their research data management plan in place from the beginning of the project, and that the resultant data and metadata are openly available, provided they comply with any legal or regulatory obligations.

If you are unsure what is expected of your research project, check the terms that accompanied the grant or contact your research funder. The Sherpa Juliet database has details of some research funders’ requirements for open access, publication and data archiving.

Search and find research funders’ open access policies in the Sherpa Juliet database


Anja Zimmerman
Responsible for research data at the Biology Library and the Geolibrary.
anja [dot] zimmerman [at] science [dot] lu [dot] se
Phone: +46 76 139 17 01

Kurt Mattsson
Responsible for research data at the Library of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and the Physics- and Astronomy Library
kurt [dot] mattsson [at] science [dot] lu [dot] se
Phone: +46 79 063 08 23