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Astronomy Library's list of journals

Shortcuts to the journals

Detailed information and conventions in the list of journals


AAS photo-bulletin

Holdings: 1–43 (year 1969–1986) Journal room. ISSN 0065-7433.

Acta astronautica

Read: Acta Astronautica online from 1974 to present -
Holdings: 1–2 (year 1974–1975), 8:2–31 (year 1981–1993) Journal room. ISSN 0094-5765.

Acta astronomica

Read: Acta Astronomica online from 1992 to 2014 -
Holdings: 1 to present (year 1950 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0001-5237.

Acta astronomica sinica

Holdings: 3–43 (year 1955–2002) Journal room. ISSN 0001-5245.

Acta astrophysica sinica

Holdings: 1 to present (year 1981 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0253-2379.

Advances in astronomy

Read: Advances in Astronomy online from 2008 to present - ISSN 1687-7977.

Advances in space research (COSPAR)

Read: Advances in Space Research online from 1981 to present -
Holdings: 7–13 (year 1987–1992) Journal room. ISSN 0273-1177.

Aktuel astronomi

Holdings: year 1991–1992, 1999–2008 Journal room. ISSN 0905-8958.

Annales d'Astrophysique

Holdings: 1–31 (year 1938–1968) Journal room. ISSN 0365-0499.

Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics

Read: Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics online from 1963 to present -
Holdings: 1 to present (year 1963 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0066-4146.

Annual review of earth and planetary sciences

Read: Annual review of earth and planetary sciences online from 1973 to present -
Holdings: 23 to present (year 1995 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0084-6597.

Applied optics

Read: Applied Optics online from 1962 to present -
Holdings: 42–46 (year 2003–2007) closed stack [B230]. ISSN 0003-6935.


See: Journal for the history of astronomy.

Arkiv för astronomi

Holdings: 1–5 (year 1950–1974) Journal room. ISSN 0004-2048.

ASTRA proceedings

Formerly known as: Astrophysics and Space Sciences Transactions (ASTRA)
Read:  ASTRA proceedings online from 2014 to 2015 -


Continued as: Telescopium - Astro.
Holdings: 1–21 (year 1982–2002) gaps. Pop. ISSN 0280-7173.


Read: Astrobiology online from 2001 to present -
Holdings: 2 to present (year 2002 to present) Journal room. ISSN 1531-1074


Holdings: 1–33 (year 1965–1990) Journal room. ISSN 0571-7132.

Astronomical and astrophysical transactions

Read: Astronomical and astrophysical transactions online from 1997 to 2007 -
Holdings: 1–22 (year 1991–2003) Journal room. ISSN 1055-6796.

Astronomical journal

Read: Astronomical Journal online from 1998 to present -
Holdings: 1 to present (year 1851 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0004-6256.

Astronomical notes

see: Astronomische Nachrichten.

Astronomical society of the pacific conference series

Read: Astronomical Society of the Pacific conference series online from 1988 to present -
Holdings: 1 to present (year 1988 to present) closed stack [B255]. ISSN 1050-3390.

Astronomičeskij cirkuljar

Holdings: 1 to present (year 1940 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0373-191X.

Astronomičeskij vestnik

Holdings: 9–38 (year 1975–2005) Journal room. ISSN 0320-930X.

Astronomičeskij zhurnal

Holdings: 56–71 (year 19791994) Journal room. ISSN 0004-6299.


Formerly known as: Bulletin de la Société astronomique de France.
Holdings: 18–90 (year 1911–1976) Journal room.

Astronomische nachrichten (Astronomical notes)

Read: Astronomische Nachrichten online from 1996 to present -
Read: Astronomische Nachrichten online from 1823 to 1998 -
Holdings: 1 to present (year 1823 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0004-6337.

Astronomischer jahresbericht

Continued as: Astronomy and astrophysics abstracts.
Holdings: 1–68 (year 1900–1968) closed stack [B230]. ISSN 0948-0803.

Astronomisk tidskrift (2000)

Continued as: Populär astronomi.
Formerly known as: Astronomisk tidskrift (1968).
Holdings: 1–2 (year 2000–2001). Pop. ISSN 1404-9295.

Astronomisk tidskrift (1968)

Continued as: Astronomisk tidskrift (2000).
Holdings: 1–32 (year 1968–1999) Pop. ISSN 0004-6345.

Astronomisk årsbok

Holdings: 1987–1998 Pop. ISSN 1101-1300.


Holdings: 4 to present (year 1976 to present). Pop. ISSN 0091-6358.

Astronomy and astrophysics (A&A)

Formerly known as: Annales d'Astrophysique, and (merged into) A & A. Supplement series.
Read: Astronomy & astrophysics online from 1969 to present -
Holdings: 1 to present (year1969 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0004-6361.

Astronomy and astrophysics. Supplement series

Continued as: Astronomy & astrophysics (A&A).
Read: A & A. Supplement series online from 1996 to 2000 -
Holdings: 1–147 (year 1970–2000) Journal room. ISSN 0365-0138.

Astronomy and astrophysics abstracts

Formerly known as: Astronomischer Jahresbericht, and Astronomy and astrophysics. Supplement series.
Holdings: 1–364 (year 1969–2000) closed stack [B230] ISSN 0067-0022.

Astronomy and astrophysics review

Read: Astronomy and astrophysics review online from 1989 to present -
Holdings: 1 to present (year 1989 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0935-4956.

Astronomy education review

Read: Astronomy Education Review online from 2002 to present - ISSN 1539-1515.

Astronomy and geophysics

Formerly known as: Quarterly journal of the Royal Astronomical Society.
Read: Astronomy and geophysics online from 1997 to present -
Holdings: 38 to present (year 1997 to present) Pop. ISSN 1366-8781.

Astronomy express

Holdings: 1–1 (year 1984–1985) Journal room. ISSN 0265-5365.

Astronomy letters

Formerly known as: Pis’ma v Astronomicheskii Zhurnal (Soviet astronomy letters).
Read: Astronomy Letters online from 2000 to present -
Holdings: 19–34 (year 1993–2008) Journal room. ISSN 1063-7737.

Astronomy quarterly

Continued as (merged into): Vistas in astronomy.
Read: Astronomy Quarterly online from 1991 to 1991 -
Holdings: 1–8 (year 1977–1991) Journal room. ISSN 0364-9229.

Astronomy reports

Formerly known as: Soviet astronomy.
Read: Astronomy Reports online from 1993 to present -
Holdings: 37–52 (year 1993–2008) Journal room. ISSN 1063-7729.

Astroparticle physics

Read: Astroparticle physics online from 1992 to present - ISSN 0927-6505.

Astrophysical bulletin

Read: Astrophysical bulletin online from 2007 to present - ISSN 1990-3421.

Astrophysical journal

Read: Astrophysical journal online from 1995 to present -
Holdings: 1 to present (year 1895 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0004-637X.

Astrophysical journal letters

Read: Astrophysical journal letters online from 2010 to present - ISSN 2041-8213.

Astrophysical journal. Supplement series

Read: Astrophysical journal. Supplement series online from 1996 to present -
Holdings: 1 to present (year 1954 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0067-0049.

Astrophysical letters

Continued as: Astrophysical letters & communications.
Holdings: 1–25 (year 1967–1986) Journal room. ISSN 0004-6388.

Astrophysical letters & communications

Formerly known as: Astrophysical letters.
Read: Astrophysical Letters & Communications online from 1998 to 2000 -
Holdings: 26–31 (year 1987–1995) Journal room. ISSN 0888-6512.


Read: Astrophysics online from 1965 to present -
Holdings: 1–36 (year 1965–1994) Journal room. ISSN 0004-6396.

Astrophysics and space physics reviews

Formerly known as: Soviet scientific reviews. Section E.
Holdings: 9 (year 1994) closed stack [003 B255]. ISSN 1071-703X

Astrophysics and space science

Read: Astrophysics and Space Science online from 1968 to present -
Holdings: 1–288 (year 1968–2003) Journal room. ISSN 0004-640X.

Astrophysics and space sciences transactions (ASTRA) 

Continued as:  ASTRA Proceedings.
Read: Astrophysics and Space Sciences Transactions online from 2005 to 2012 - ISSN 1810-6536.

Australian journal of astronomy

Holdings: 1–7 (year 1985–1997) Journal room. ISSN 0814-5628.

Australian journal of physics

Read: Australian Journal of Physics online from 1953 to 2001 -
Holdings: 9–43 (year 1956–1990) Journal room. ISSN 0004-9506.

Australian journal of physics. Astrophysical supplement

Holdings: 1–48 (year 1966–1979) Journal room. ISSN 0572-1164.


Baltic Astronomy

Holdings: 1 to present (year 1992 to present) Journal room. ISSN 1392-0049.

Bulletin de la Société astronomique de France

Continued as: L'Astronomie.
Holdings: 18–24 (year 1904–1910).Journal room. ISSN 0991-8825.

Bulletin de la Société royale des sciences de Liège

Read: Bulletin de la Socié Royale des Sciences de Liè online from 1932 to present - ISSN 1783-5720.

Bulletin of the American astronomical society

Holdings: 1 to present (year 1969 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0002-7537.

Bulletin of the Astronomical society of India

Read: Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India online from 1973 to 2014 -
Holdings: 1 to present (year 1973 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0304-9523.

Bulletin of the astronomical institutes of the Netherlands

Holdings: 1–20 (year 1921–1968) Journal room. ISSN 0374-2679.

Bulletin astronomique de l'observatoire royal de Belgique

Holdings: 1–11:1 (year 1931–1996) Journal room. ISSN 0373-0697.

Bulletin of the astronomical institutes of Czechoslovakia

Holdings: 1–42 (year 1947–1991) Journal room. ISSN : 0004-6248.

Bulletin of the Crimean astrophysical observatory

Holdings: 60–85 (year 1979–1992) Journal room. ISSN 0190-2717.

Bulletin of the special astrophysical observatory, north Caucasus

Continued as: Bulletin of the Special Astrophysical Observatory.
Holdings: 11–34 (year 1979–1991) Journal room. ISSN 0190-2709.

Bulletin of the special astrophysical observatory

Formerly known as: Bulletin of the Special Astrophysical Observatory, North Caucasus
Holdings: 35–48 (year 1993–1999) Journal room. ISSN 1026-2083.


CAP journal (Communicating astronomy with the public journal)

Read: Communicating astronomy with the public journal online from 2007 to present - ISSN 1996-563X.

CCD astronomy

Holdings: 1–4:1 (year 1994–1997) Pop. ISSN 1074-875X.

Celestial mechanics

Continued as: Celestial mechanics and dynamical astronomy
Read: Celestial Mechanics online from1969 to 1988 -
Holdings: 1–45 (year 1969–1988) Journal room. ISSN 0008-8714.

Celestial mechanics & dynamical astronomy

Formerly known as: Celestial Mechanics.
Read: Celestial Mechanics online from1989 to present -
Holdings: 46–75 (year 1989–1999) Journal room. ISSN 0923-2958.

Chinese astronomy

Continued as: Chinese astronomy and astrophysics.
Read: Chinese Astronomy online from 1977 to 1980 -
Holdings: 3–4 (year 1979–1980) Journal room. ISSN 0146-6364.

Chinese astronomy and astrophysics

Formerly known as: Chinese Astronomy.
Read: Chinese astronomy and astrophysics online from 1981 to present -
Holdings: 5–24:1 (year 1981–2000) Journal room. ISSN 0275-1062.

Comments on astrophysics and space physics

Continued as: Comments on Astrophysics.
Holdings: 1–6:3 (year 1969–1975) Journal room. ISSN 0010-2679.

Comments on astrophysics

Formerly known as: Comments on Astrophysics and Space Physics.
Holdings: 6:4–18 (year 1976–1997) Journal room. ISSN 0146-2970.

Communicating astronomy with the public journal

See: CAP_journal.

Cosmic research

Read: Cosmic Research online from 2000 to present - ISSN 1608-3075.

COSPAR information bulletin

Continued as: Space Research Today.
Read: COSPAR Information Bulletin online from 1977 to 2004 -
Holdings: 22–133 (year 1965–1995) Journal room. ISSN 0045-8732.


Earth, moon and planets

Formerly known as: Moon and the Planets.
Read: Earth, Moon and Planets online from 1984 to present -
Holdings: 30–81 (year 1984–1998) Journal room. ISSN 0167-9295.

EAS publications series

Read: EAS Publications Series online from 2001 to present -
Holdings: 2–5 to present (year 2002 to present) closed stack [B255]. ISSN 1638-1963.

EPL (europhysics letters)

Read: EPL online from 1986 to present - 1286-4854.

ESA bulletin

Read: ESA bulletin online from 1975 to 2017 -
Holdings: 2–172 (year 1975–2017) Journal room. ISSN 0376-4265.

ESA journal

Holdings: 1–18 (year 1977–1994) Journal room. ISSN 0379-2285.

ESO the messenger

Read: ESO The Messenger online from 1974 to present -
Holdings: 1 to present (year 1974 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0254-4423.

Experimental astronomy

Read: Experimental astronomy online from 1989 to present -
Holdings: 1–14 (year 1989–2002) Journal room. ISSN 0922-6435.


Forskning och framsteg

Holdings: 36 to present (year 2001 to present) Pop. ISSN 0015-7937.

Fundamentals of cosmic physics

Holdings: 1–21:1 (year 1974–2000) Journal room. ISSN 0094-5846.



Read: Icarus online from 1962 to present -
Holdings: 1–167:1 (year 1962–2004) Journal room. ISSN 0019-1035.

IAU circulars

Read: IAU Circulars online. Local access - password protected, ask the librarian.
Holdings: year 2001–2008 closed stack.

IAU information bulletin / catalyst

Read: IAU information bulletin online from1995 to present -
Holdings: 3 to present (year 1960 to present). IAU. ISSN 0538-4753

Information bulletin on variable stars

Read: Information bulletin on variable stars from 1961 to present - 

International comet quarterly

Read: International comet quarterly online -
Holdings: 7:2–4, 8:1, 25–31 Journal room. ISSN 0736-6922.

International journal of astrobiology

Read: International journal of astrobiology online from 2002 to present -
Holdings: 1 to present (year 2002 to present) Journal room. ISSN 1473-5504

Irish astronomical journal

Holdings: 1–27:2 (year 1950–2000) Journal room. ISSN 0021-1052.


Journal of astronomical history and heritage

Read: Journal of astronomical history and heritage online from 1998 to present -
Holdings: 1 to present (year 1998 to present) Journal room. ISSN 1440-2807.

Journal of astrophysics and astronomy

Read:Journal of astrophysics and astronomy online from XXXX to present -
Holdings: 1 to present (year 1980 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0250-6335.

Journal of the British astronomical association

Read: Journal of the British astronomical association online from 2003 to present -
Holdings: 1 to present (year 1890 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0007-0297.

Journal for the history of astronomy

Read: Journal for the history of astronomy online from 1970 to present -
Holdings: 1–7 (year 1970–1976) Journal room. ISSN 0021-8286.

Journal for the history of astronomy. Supplement archaeoastronomy

Continued as (merged into): Journal for the history of astronomy.
Read: Archaeoastronomy online from 1979 to 2002 -
Holdings: 12 to present (year 1981 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0142-7253.

Journal of the Korean astronomical society

Read: Journal of the Korean astronomical society online from 1968 to present -
Holdings: stray numbers, 36 to present Journal room. ISSN 1225-4614.

Journal of the optical society of America. A. Optics, image science and vision (JOSA A)

Read: JOSA A online from 1984 to present -
Holdings: 20– year 2003–2007 closed stack [B230]. ISSN 1084-7529.

Journal of the Royal astronomical society of Canada

Read: Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada online from 1998 to present -
Holdings: 22 to present (year 1928 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0035-872X.

JSTOR - the scholarly journal archive

Search The Scholarly Journal Archive online -


Kinematika i fizika nebesnych tel

Holdings: 1–8 (year 1985–1992) Journal room. ISSN 0233-7665.

Kinematics and physics of celestial bodies

Read: Kinematics and physics of celestial bodies online from 2007 to present -
Holdings: 3–23 (year 1987–2007) Journal room. ISSN 0884-5913.


Living Reviews in Solar Physics

Read: Living Reviews in Solar Physics online from 2004 to present - ISSN 1614-4961.


Mars - the international journal of mars science and exploration

Read: Mars online from 2005 to 2013 -

Memorie della Società astronomica italiana

Read: Memorie della Società astronomica italiana online from 1986 to present -
Holdings: 33 to present (year 1962 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0037-8720.

Memorie della Società astronomica italiana. Supplementi

Read: Memorie della Società astronomica italiana. Supplementi online from 2003 to 2014 - ISSN 1824-0178.


Read: Mercury online from 2007 to present -
Holdings: 1 to present (year 1972 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0047-6773.

Monthly notes of the Astronomical society of southern Africa

Read: Monthly notes of the Astronomical society of southern Africa  online from 2008 to present -
Holdings: 2 to present (year 1946 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0024-8266.

Monthly notices of the Royal astronomical society

Read: Monthly notices of the Royal astronomical society online from 1829 to present -
Holdings: 1 to present (year 1827 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0035-8711.


Continued as: Moon and the Planets.
Read: Moon online from 1969 to1977 - ISSN 0027-0903.

Moon and the Planets

Continued as: Earth, Moon and Planets.
Formerly known as: Moon.
Read: Moon and planets online from 1978 to 1983 -
Holdings: 18–29 (year 1978–1983) ISSN 0165-0807.



Read: Nature online from 1869 to present -
Holdings: 157–464 (year 1946–2010) Journal room. ISSN 0028-0836.

Nature astronomy

Read: Nature Astronomy online from 2017 to present - ISSN 2397-3366.

Nature physics

Read: Nature physics online from 2005 to present - ISSN 1745-2481.

New astronomy

Read: New Astronomy online from 1996 to present -
Holdings: 1–9:2 (year 1996–2004) Journal room. ISSN 1384-1076.

New astronomy reviews

Formerly known as: Vistas in Astronomy.
Read: New Astronomy Reviews online from 1998 to present -
Holdings: 42–48:4 (year 1998–2004) Journal room.  ISSN 1387-6473.

New scientist

Read: New Scientist online from 1990 to present (embargo 1 month) -
Holdings: 3 latest volumes Pop. ISSN 0262-4079.



Holdings: 21 to present (year 1898 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0029-7704.

Origins of life and evolution of biospheres / Journal of the International astrobiology society

Read: Origins of life and evolution of biospheres online from 1968 to present - ISSN 1573-0875.

Open astronomy journal

Read: Open astronomy journal online from 2008 to 2015 - ISSN 1874-3811.


Physica Scripta

Read: Physica scripta online from 1970 to present - ISSN 1402-4896.

Pisʹma v astronomičeskij žurnal / Soviet astronomy letters

Continued as: Astronomy Letters,
Holdings: 1–20 (year 1975–1994) Journal room. ISSN ISSN 0320-0108.


Read: Planetarian online from 2011 to present -
Holdings: stray numbers, Planetariet. ISSN 0090-3213.

Planetary and space science

Read: Planetary and space science online from 1959 to present -
Holdings: 1–41 (year 1959–1993) Journal room. ISSN 0032-0633.

Populär astronomi

Formerly known as: Astronomisk Tidskrift (2000).
Holdings: 3 to present (year 2001 to present) Pop. ISSN 1650-7177.

Publications of the Astronomical society of Japan

Read: Publications of the Astronomical society of Japan online from 1996 to present -
Holdings: 1 to present (year 1949 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0004-6264.

Publications of the Astronomical society of the Pacific

Read: Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific online from 1889 to present -
Holdings: 1 to present (year 1889 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0004-6280.

Proceedings of the Astronomical Society of Australia

Continued as: Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia.
Holdings: 2–11 (year 1971–1994) Journal room. ISSN 0066-9997.

Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union

Read: Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union online from 2005 to present - ISSN 1743-9221.

Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia

Formerly known as: Proceedings of the Astronomical Society of Australia.
Read: Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia online from 1995 to present -
Holdings: 12–18:3 (year 1995–2001) Journal room. ISSN 1323-3580.


Quarterly journal of the Royal Astronomical Society

Continued as: Astronomy and geophysics.
Holdings: 1–37 (year 1960–1996).  Journal room. ISSN 0035-8738.


Research in astronomy and astrophysics

Formerly known as: Chinese journal of astronomy and astrophysics.
Read Research in astronomy and astrophysics online from 2009 to present - ISSN 2397-6209.

Revista mexicana de astronomía y astrofísica

Read: Revista mexicana de astronomía y astrofísica online from 1974 to present -
Holdings: 1 to present (year 1974 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0185-1101.


Scientific american

Read: Scientific American online from 2007 to present -
Read: Scientific American online from 1845 to present (embargo 4 years) -
Holdings: 204 to present (year 1961 to present) Pop. ISSN 0036-8733.

Serbian astronomical journal

Read: Serbian Astronomical Journal online from 1998 to present - ISSN 1820-9289.

Sky and telescope

Read: Sky and Telescope online from 1984 to present -
Holdings: 1 to present (year 1941 to present) Pop. ISSN 0037-6604.

Solar-geophysical data

Read: Solar-Geophysical Data online from 1955 to 2009 -
Holdings: 1–676 (year 1967–2000) Journal room. ISSN 0038-0911.

Solar physics

Read: Solar physics online from 1967 to present -
Holdings: 1–225 (year 1967–2004) Journal room. ISSN 0038-0938.

Solar system research

Read: Solar system research online from 2000 to present -

Southern stars

Holdings: 30 to present (year 1982 to present) Journal room. ISSN 0049-1640.

Soviet astronomy letters

Continued as: Astronomy Letters.
Holdings: 4–18 (year 1978–1992) Journal room. ISSN 0360-0327.

Soviet astronomy

Continued as: Astronomy Reports.
Holdings: 1–36 (year 1957–1992) Journal room. ISSN 0038-5301.

Soviet scientific reviews. Section E

Continued as: Astrophysics and space physics reviews.
Holdings: 1–8 (year 1981–1989) closed stack [B255]. ISSN 0143-0432.

Space daily - your portal to space

Read: Space daily online -

Space research today

Formerly known as: Cospar Information Bulletin.
Read: Space research today online from 2005 to present - ISSN 1752-9298.

Space science reviews

Read: Space science reviews online from 1962 to present -
Holdings: 1–109 (year 1962–2003) Journal room. ISSN 0038-6308.

SPIE digital library

Read: SPIE digital library online -

Sterne und weltraum

Holdings: 1 to present (year 1962 to present) Pop. ISSN 0039-1263.


Telescopium - astro

Formerly known as: Astro.
Holdings: 9:4 to present (year 2002 to present) Pop. ISSN 1651-6346.



Holdings: year 1947–1985 Journal room.


Vistas in astronomy

Continued as: New Astronomy Reviews.
Read: Vistas in astronomy online from 1955 to 1997 -
Holdings: 1–41 (year 1955–1997) Journal room. ISSN 0083-6656.


Zeitschrift für astrophysik

Continued as: Astronomy and astrophysics.
Holdings: 1–69 (year 1930–1968) Journal room. ISSN 0372-8331.

Zvaigznota debess

Holdings: 1958 to present Pop. ISSN 0514-4531.

Detailed information and conventions in the list of journals

Print journals

All print journals in the Library of Science are listed by the branch library where they are held. Print journals cannot be borrowed, but you can read, copy, or scan them in the branch library in question. You can also find several of the Library of Science's print journals in the library catalogues LUBcat and LIBRIS.

Electronic journals

The Library of Science’s list of journals includes electronic journals. To access electronic journals use your Lucat login or the username and password linked to your Lund University student account.

You can search and find most electronic journals in ePublications, LUBsearch, and LUBcat.

The list of journals also includes open access journals that may be of interest. You do not have to log in to open access journals.

Conventions in the list of journals

  • ‘Holdings’ refers to the specific years of printed periodical back issues held at the library.
  • ‘Closed stack’ indicates that a print journal is in the library’s store. Tell us which volume or issue of a journal you want and we will fetch it for you.
  • [ ] indicates information intended for library staff use only.

Lubito scan & deliver service

Use Lubito to request individual scanned copies of articles in print journals held in the University Library store. The Library of Science’s list of journals includes links to the journals in Lubito. You can also search and find journals in Lubito.

Search and find journals in Lubito

Linking problems

Please tell us if you encounter any problem with links in the Library of Science’s list of journals so we can fix it immediately. Write to the Library of Science website manager Ulrika Björklund (ulrika [dot] bjorklund [at] science [dot] lu [dot] se).